Google has just reopened the website of writely. It complements Google spreadsheet already in beta test.

We may legitimately wonder about a soon Web 2.0. presentation tool availability. If any, I am sure that Google will be keen to break its wallet. 

Anyway, what will be the Net surfers feelings regarding privacy if their personal data (mail, budget,…) are kept by a third party ? I won’t argue further on this, since we may pass lunchtime.

But, within a company, this drawback disappearing, more appealling pros remain.

Workstations management burdens with expensive maintenance, data-processing budgets. An Intranet  Web 2.0 Officesuite would make disappear the need for fat workstation. A standard navigator would be enough!

Moreover, would you move ? Well, wherever are you, go back to your environment only using a navigator. The removing of fat workstations will imply a sliming of Windows OS reduced to local functions, particularly management of input/output resources – screen, sound – and security.

Obviously, traditional Client/Serveur applications will remain in your assets which will require fat workstations. Should you stay on or, do you really want your users to keep the possibility of using their games?

Water will remain water under bridges before Web 2.0 Officesuite will be mature enough. In particular, it has to be complemented with a presentation tool and to be integrated in a true suite.

But, I am sure that Microsoft has already considered this issue. That ‘s the reason why Google is regarded as a so great enemy and why Web 2.0 already part of its marketing strategy.

I do not agree with Gartner analysis in its report “2006 emerging technologies hype” where Web 2.0 is viewed like having a moderated impact on the Business. This can be argued for short term. But after 2 years, the probability of maximum impact is far from being neglectable. This prospect influences already the strategies of large software companies.

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