Is Enterprise Architecture the new buzz ? Everybody is talking about it as a way of providing response to most IT problems. But, what is Enterprise Architecture ?

An overview of IT processes show how they are coupled with  customer process.

The first point of coupling occurs when a solution is acquired and go through acceptance tests.  This is a loosely coupling since an event does not  directly impact operation processes.

The second point happens when solution is in production, and needs to be delivered and supported. This coupling is then tight since an event like a failure may impact directly operation processes.

Enterprise architecture enables to monitor business alignement along these two lines of coupling from the point of view of :

  • business requirements monitoring
  • IT risks monitoring
  • IT value catering
  • IT costs incurred

With respect to this extent, Enterprise architecture defines two groups of process :

  • Enterprise architecture planning which contains target architecture definition, as is assessment, migration plan definition
  • Enterprise architecture governance which define politics for architecture changes, change management, reporting

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