I am currently attending to the Open Group Enterprise Architecture Practitioners Conference (APC) in Paris. It is an incredible way to socialize with people who are keen to enjoy their subject. It is not only additionaly work, but good opportunity of personal development in improving and enlarging his own views.
People come from all around world, and usually already know one each other. So far, after a cocktail yesterday night at the tenth floor of the Hilton where not only views were exchanged but Paris sights looked at as well, conferences start again today on SOA, TOGAF enhancement, Architecture Enterprise development, and Web 3.0. Very interesting experiences and work have be showed to the community.
I would like to underline the boot of business organisation modelling work group who has the ambition
to pull TOGAF beyond its passive attitude regarding business architecture.
I have also appreciated security related work which aims to extend Enterprise Architecture toward Security Architecture.

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