I wish all IT managers an happy new year. Health and wealth for you and your families. I hope for all of you many IT businesses in 2008. This is just what i discuss in the short outlook below. Feel free to put your feed-back.

With credit crunch crisis, the rich world fears to slow-down. It expects that buoyant emerging markets will buy its exports and help to recapitalise. As companies are struggling for their bottomline, they use to invest on projects which streamline their business process. This means budget increase for IT Divisions. Moreover, in many cases this kind of ROI rely on IT efficiency.
Then, this new year appears to start in a good shape for IT people, at least in Europe, for the bulk of companies.

Regarding the market,
Consolidation in Business Intelligence solutions put pressure on prices. Customers are almost captive and have poor ways to challenge offers. On the other side, editors are able to cater for integrated solutions. Oracle with AIA provides a full fledged built-in SOA system when a building blocks approach did not succeed to fuel valuable services development.
Virtualization solutions are more mature and show real opportunities of streamlining IT process.
Open-Source solutions become more credible option for big companies. They may be a serious strategic option for challenging giants of software.
Saas services develop, but are often bought by Business divisions. It is not a so good news, since it weakens IT divisions role and make Companies less able to roll out a strong IT policy.
Web 2.0 knocked the door of companies but it did not get in by now.

In conclusion,
2008 starts with good outlooks for IT. Streamlining tendency give to IT Division a more strategic role which may help to improve IT perception. Challenge for CIO’s will be to balance the job to do with budgets. Slow projects will result in slow ROI which impacts directly the bottomlines.

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