I’ve just read this prediction in the next Gartner summit announcement. I am feeling really desperate since I’ve just discovered that I  may lead my customers to wrong decisions. They may find themselves in right to complain saying : you are leading us in bad ways  without ROI hopes and worse toward failures. OK.  Do I consider enterprise architecture projects should go beyond IT departements and help to solve business challenge ? Yes for years, since I am an Architect. Moreover, all architects I know share the same way of thinking.

But what’s wrong then ?

In one of its posts,  SOA ROI in Question ? , Dave Linthicum quote the study of Nucleus Research stating that only 37% of enterprises have achieved a positive ROI from SOA deployments. It is even worse.

The question is in both cases how to achieve a positive ROI. I am very curious to discover the approach Gartner group will promote in a way to avoid usual biaises with shared resources (post in french). But not only ! The question belongs as well to software editors who have used extensively SOA marketing and have in the same time provided poor features, not too far from the old RPC (Remote Procedure Calls). They should be as well questionned since they have misleaded CEO’s regarding some of their investments.

Close to Enterprise Architects, software editors have to provide not only fondation components but business software wich may be iintegrated into  an Enterpise architectured system.

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