When a company would like to join the information revolution, it needs to rely on new breed of professional able align Business and IT Transformation. This is the Enterprise Architect as Allen Brown wrote in the Align Journal.

Even if CIO is an important player, it needs to be seconded by an IT City Planner who plan and drives the moves to break silos.

For many years, big french companies have started implementing IT City Planning processes. But, so far, we don’t see any information revolution happening. US are always considered as leading the field. It will be interesting to realize a survey regarding Enterprise Architecture processes maturity and effects on companies IT and business.

One of the points maybe that french companies tends to trust more processes than leadership. But, I don’t see how to succeed undertaking organisational changes without leadership.

To see their actions recognised and approved, City Planners develop the strategy of supporting IT silo teams since they are visible by the Business. In the same time, some CIO’s balance the change in IT with respect to risks on silos which may impact Business.

In this landscape, I wonder how French Conception of City Planning may fuel information revolution toward Business Transformation !

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